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Thank you BDW!!!

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Even though my wedding was 6 months ago, I'm still on this site often and I still rave about BDW!  I refer all my DW friends to come here and check out the site.  I HONESTLY could not have pulled off my wedding as perfectly and as beautifully as it was without BDW.  All the girls who post their information, their DIY, their recommendations, ideas, suggestions, tips, everything was so awesome!!  The moderators do an AMAZING job at keeping this site clean and organized. (with that said, I hope I am posting in the right spot!!)  Now that I'm preggies I've been on the search for a similar website to this one, and I haven't been able to find one!  Can you guys please start a Best Mama to Be site now please?! hehehe  I'm serious!  The site I go on the most now for babies is The Bump (the knot's baby site) and it's soooo bad!!  there are a gazillion new threads started per day, not organized like this where you are supposed to search for your question and read and add to the existing thread...there, you just start a thread whenever you want and no one moderates it.  also, the girls there are SO MEAN!!  in probably half of the threads I read on there some girl has to make a hurtful or judgemental comment and it can get nasty and girls will gang up on the original thread starter and trash her!! I don't post on there very often because of that. I get my info i need and that's it.  I miss my easy, happy, wonderful land of BDW...so please make a baby site :)


So thank you thank you thank you again for being here for me and all the other brides!!  this IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!


thank you!


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