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LONG @$$ VENT- Future FIL

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#1 ktnicole

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    Posted 15 August 2010 - 02:34 PM

    I am about at wits end with my FIs family.  His mom has ALWAYS spoiled him and his younger brother and sister to the point of rediciousness.  Basically- She is on disability (bc of asthma etc) rents a small house.  Living in this house is her elderly dad who has health issues but is told its all in his head, my FIs sister who has a 2 year old and her FI (their wedding date has already past and its real doubtful it will ever happen) live there and share the bedroom with my FIs mom.  By share a room- FIs mom, sister and niece share a bed and FSIL FI sleeps on the floor.  My FBIL also lives in the house.  None of which help w the bills, grocerys etc.  She babysits the baby ALL the time even when mom and dad are home.  She does not have a car and FSIL and her FI have 1 car.  They are a mess.  Needless to say I hate that they dont help her out but its her problem and she watchs them all blow money on stupid things (new computers, xbox subscriptions) To me she allows it to happen and FI and I can NOT baby her or bend over backwards until she helps herself. 


    Anyways this weekend she asked to borrow our car bc she knew we were going to the lake, annoying bc again she could have a car if she made her kids grow up.  I agreed, came home today and the cars not here.  She thought we would go by her house and pick it up! WTF.  you borrowed it!! You return it!  FI texted her on my request to find out when she was bringing it by and- of course bc he was spoiled by his mother just as much (didnt move out until we got together when he was 25- ive owned my own home since i was 19) - he ended up getting defensive and made at me.  Tried to make a deal with us going over there.  I SAID NO  WAY! Then he said it was MY fault bc I had mentioned we needed to check out the new bathroom her landlord put in! HELLO!!! ?! Make any sense- I think not.  I never said we were coming by- to top it off they were here this weekend in our house bc of the bathroom remodel and the trash was overFLOWING, wasnt taken out.  But they sure did put more trash in a bag NEXT to the trash. 


    GAH!!! I am so ticked.... she is a grown @$$ woman.  I shouldnt have to explain that if she borrows my car she needs to return it, I shouldnt have to carry out their trash, pick their trash off my kitchen FLOOR!! and H3LL I shouldnt even have to let her borrow my car.  She needs to grow up, and make her kids grow up.  This has always been the toughest thing between FI and I.  He was WAY too spoiled and didnt take care of his $hit when he should have.  And he learned from her. 


    Okay.. sorry for the LONG @$$ vent lol

    #2 bmadzia1

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      Posted 29 December 2010 - 09:57 AM

      The motto of the story: Don't borrow your things! Sorry hun.. I have never EVER lent my car to anyone, for the exception of my FI of course, but I drive his as well.  And when my friends started asking, when i traded my car in, I took a manual car knowing well, they don't drive stick....  I couldn't live through the garbage.. my mouth wouldn't stay shut long enough....

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