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Have any of you seen that book FML? Well It is full of hilarious misfortunes (hilarious because they happened to someone else) from everyday life. 


For example here is mine:


In the favorite crockpot recipe thread I just told everyone I registered for a bigger CRACKPOT for my wedding. FML


So post about the unfortunate (funny) stuff that happened to you today and give the rest of us something to giggle about :)

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When I worked retail, I was taking my break on a couch in the mall.  These two teenagers were sitting across and kept pointing at me and gigling and talking under their breath.  I was just reading my book ignoring them but they kept up.  So I finally snapped and told them to stop staring at me, I'm just trying to relax on my break.  I got up and walked away furious.  Then they followed me into the store, apologized, and said that they were staring at the weirdo standing right behind me.


That was a definate FML moment. 

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