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This was included in the ultimate package but as I have very short hair I gave it to my sister who was my MOH. She brought photos and diamante hair jewels and they did a fantastic job, only issue was that the only hair flower they had available was off pink which didnâ€t go at all with my colours and a bit wilted looking around the edges. I basically think when I booked the service the reception hadnâ€t made a note of it and they were winging it with a leftover flower.



Unfortunately my hair, which I did myself, didnâ€t go so well, partly due to not doing enough pre-wedding practice, mostly to do with the wind. Basically it stuck to my forehead with sweat and I hate my hair in the wedding video and almost every photo. I have 3 words for you ladies… HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY!

No-one used the make up service and I forgot to ask if I could trade it for another service so I kind of missed out on that one.



I requested with Natalia that the flowers be delivered asap for photos.

I wasnâ€t too fussed but asked for shades of white and green, that they all match and specified that I wanted a small bouquet that was light enough so I could hold it in one hand. I chose number B-003 from the flower brochure and was pleasantly surprised. I thought they were lovely. It should have been the kind you hold over your arm but I asked her to have it made into a posy instead

The menâ€s buttonholes were number G-002 also really nice but the ladies wrist corsages were number C-007 and had too much ribbon on for my liking and the bracelet part was a bit of a weird fit.

If this is an area thatâ€s important to you bring photos and be specific. I think this is especially important with regards to the table decoration flowers included in the package which for our event were not very impressive.

We saw some truly beautiful bouquets at various weddings whilst we there, it seems that anything is achievable. We saw all shapes, styles and colours. Not sure if these brides had paid a lot extra for these but rest assured if this is an area you are worried about they rival any Iâ€ve seen in the UK.












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