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Planning thread 7

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Cocktail hour photobooth accessories:

We plan on setting up our camera on a tripod on self timer setting and letting our guests do their thing whilst we have our professional photos taken.



Also we set up a Recipe card for our welcome drink and I found these cute shell napkins on offer which we used at the cocktail hour.



Our Luminaries:


These were in a circle on the sand to mark out the dancing area. In all honesty the ones the hotel provide are a little larger and held up much better than mine. If you are going to take your own I would recommend getting paper ones, mine were like a shiny gold coated paper which cos of its texture and weight didn't fold over at the top like the hotel ones so they all blew in on the candle and burned the bags or put the candles out.

Hotels luminaries:



So I think thats everything.


Feel free to ask questions about my set up or the hotel in general and I'll try to help in any way I can.


Happy Planning.


The End.

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