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Planning thread 5

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Approved legal Ceremony

I have attatched this below because when I was planning our wedding I came across conflicts as to whether or not I could personalise a legal ceremony. This ceremony was approved and performed by an English speaking judge, although my WC made a point of telling me "I was very Lucky" to have it accepted I just wanted to let you all know what can be accepted. I basically wrote in the entire legal ceremony as a basis and then added in our personal sections so the judge didnt have to try to figure out where to put the "required" wording. I think this is one of the main reasons it was accepted. The Legal Mexican ceremony is highlighted in red but minus the reading from Ocampo's letter which we did not agree with and did not want as part of our ceremony. A thousand thank you's to the member who's ceremony I borrowed from, im sorry to not have acknowledged you here but if you recognise it please let me know.

Attachment 37


DIY Fans:

These were a real bargain. Purchased from ebay

seller jimbobsjoblots price £1.35 plus postage for 8 fans. After reading lots of reviews which commented on huge variations in size of some of the raffia fans I must say these are all virtually identical in size and quality and Im really pleased with them. Highly recommend.

I attatched white floral/diamante corsages for the ladies fans and green/blue corsages for the fans to be used as part of the decoration.



DIY Maracas: I placed one at each seat in the chapel to serve as a place marker and to shake at the kiss and one at each place setting for the reception to make a pair per guest. Knowing what I do now I would definateley say DO NOT waste the stress, time and effort making these yourself. My guests loved them but when we went on a shopping trip to Playa del Carmen you can get beautiful handpainted ones for $1-$2 each. My guests would have been just as happy with these with a handmade name tag attatched and I would have saved myself weeks of stress!!!

I also printed each person an individual menu which proved invaluable when the seating arrangements were messed up!


Also shown in this photo are my wine glass luminaries which I diy one per person for each place setting.



DIY Ceremony Programs:

These took forever to create but everyone loved them and could follow the ceremony despite the poor English of the judge!

Each page represented an element and featured a part of the ceremony eg fire for the memorial candles, air for the vows, earth for the sand ceremony etc...

I wrapped each one with a personalised silk handkerchief which I DIY with stick on diamantes.


Ceremony program front cover overlay



If you would like the templates for Any of these please pm me as I dont know how to reduce the file sizes to be able to attatch them here.


More coming.....


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