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The Girls

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As for my ordering my Bridesmaid dresses this became a bit of a nightmare. I would NOT recommend ordering from J Crew. Out of 5 girls, 4 had problems with their dresses. One got the wrong colour delivered initially, oneâ€s order was cancelled, one received a coat instead of a dress, and the list goes on. We got them during a sale which meant a great price(less than $100 a dress) but for the quality of the dresses I would not order at full price. After many calls to customer service, the problems were all resolved and all o my girls got the right dresses. Customer Service was good about sending the girls $50 gift cards and giving them free shipping for the errors. In the end it worked out but I wouldnâ€t go with J Crew again.

3 of my girls are in the Tea Rose…all different styles


1 is in Sweet Cantaloupe… the Juliette Dress


1 is in Marigold…the Juliette Dress

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