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Katie & Max Are Getting Married! Our Story...

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    Posted 12 February 2009 - 03:50 PM

    How we met

    The story begins with a Chicago rivalry...The White Sox vs. The Cubs. It was a beautiful May weekend in Wrigleyville. One of Katie's best friends, Jodi, was in town visiting for the weekend. Little did Katie know that would be the weekend she would meet the man she was going to marry!!

    Katie, knowing it was a big weekend in Wrigleyville (this is the area of Chicago where the Chicago Cubs ballpark is locatied) decided that her and Jodi would hang out there and do some day drinking. It was Friday, May 18, 2007, the beginning of the Sox/Cubs series. Katie of course wore her black and white to show her team spirit...yes, she cheers for the Sox! So, Katie and Jodi end up at a bar called "Merkles". It is here that Katie spots Max. The two of them flirt and chat and Max finally gets the courage to ask for her number. A few hours later after Katie went one way with her friends and Max went another with his, they decided to meet up and they went to a little place called "The Pick me Up Cafe" (funny, right?!!). They get a bite to eat and the rest is history! The next day Katie sends Max a text to say how much fun she had hanging out and to this day Max still has that text saved in his phone! How sweet!!

    One great year
    Since Max and Katie met they have been unseparable. Date, after date, after date...one thing was clear, they were meant to be!

    One of Max and Katie's favorite things to do is to go to breakfast, grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk along the lake. Or sometimes it's go to dinner, grab a margarita and then go for a walk along the lake!! Regardless, the point is that the two of them love spending time together and talking and just enjoying each other's company.

    2007 - 2008 was the greatest year ever. From camping at the Indiana Dunes, to the Cubs vs. Pirates game in Pittsburgh, to The Police Concert at Wrigley Field, to the Lincoln Park Zoo, to all of the fun Chicago street festivals, to introducing Max to musicals and walks along Lake Michigan and much, much more...it truly was the greatest year ever.

    The Engagement
    It was Saturday, May 18, 2008 and the day started out with breakfast at one of their favorite spots, Stella's, which is in Lakeview, the neighborhood of Chicago where Katie used to live. After breakfast they went to get coffee at another favorite of theirs, Intelligentsia. They then proceeded to walk along Lake Michigan drinking their coffee. Max had planned it so they would end up in the spot where he first told Katie that he loved her, which is on this grassy spot near the Diversey Harbor where you can sit and watch the boats go into the lake. It was beautiful out that day, sun shining, the sky was so blue, and the city of Chicago looked perfect. They sat down on a little cement bench and they were just admiring the day. It was about noon.

    And Max says to Katie, "Remember the first time I told you I loved you here? I meant it and I mean it now."

    Katie just sat there with a look on her face like, yeah.

    "And there's something else I want to say." says Max.

    And Katie says, "What?"

    And Max starts to fumble in his jeans pocket for a few seconds and he finally pulls out a little black box. Smiles are from ear to ear for both Max and Katie. He gets down on one knee, opens the box and asks, "Will you marry me?"
    And Katie is just speechless and says, "Yes!"

    They sit there not knowing what to do next and a young man comes galloping over and says, "Congratulations!! Oh my gosh, do you want me to get a picture of you two?!"

    They hand over their camera and the young man takes their picture! It was great! That picture is the main picture on the website!! They continue to sit there feeling overwhelmed, holding on to each other tight for what seemed like an eternity. They finally stood up and started the rest of their walk down the lake. They end up at the Lincoln Park Zoo and eventually meet up with friends at the bar that they met at 1 year prior.

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