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Asking the Wedding Party

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We want to try to make our wedding unique by adding those "little extras" that make everyone feel loved. To start, we decided to try to make asking our wedding party special.


For the girls-- We purchased black pearl earrings ($5 at the farmer's market) and created cards where the earings were the center of the flower. The earrings are for the girls to wear on our wedding day (if they don't lose them first)!




For the guys-- We are still in the process of making these, but are planning to put the picture below in a frame that has starfish up the side (we got them at the Christmas Tree shop for $4). As recommended, I'm planning to personalize each of these with their names.




For the flowergirl -- We found a sale on beachbuckets -- which are going to be used at the OOT bags as well. If I remember correctly they were 99 cents each at Party Depot. We purchased big ones to use as centerpieces -- my mom's friend is planning to paint beach scenes on them for us.




The Flowergirl will carry one down the aisle, and I paint penned one to ask her to be the flowergirl and filled it with fake flower petals. I also gave her a giant fake pink diamond ring. The picture of the bucket is on my home computer, but here is a picture of Abby playing with the flowers.




So far, we've asked the flowergirl and most of the bridesmaids. We still have to finish the "ask gift for the groomsmen" and send them to each of them. Hopefully they will all say yes!

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