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Small guest list folks (20 or less)

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If you are planning to get married on a weekend night (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday), Las Ventanas will probably be a better option than Palmilla. We initially wanted to get married in the chapel @ Palmilla, but their minimum food & beverage spend for a weekend wedding is ~$25k, regardless of how many guests you have. That amount didn't make any sense for our number of guests & they won't negotiate.


At least at Las Ventanas, they vary the minimum food & beverage spend depending on how many guests you have. We had a total of 21 people (counting Ben and me), so our minimum food & beverage spend was $7k. We had NO problem meeting that amount (sigh). We had both the welcome dinner & the reception dinner there, but we met the minimum with the reception dinner alone.


Both of the planners we worked with at Las Ventanas have now moved onto other positions (I promise it wasn't me that drove them away!), but their new romance director was very nice and very helpful. Every aspect of the wedding and both dinners was perfect!


We stayed at Las Ventanas for 7 nights & Palmilla for 3 nights, so I'm happy to answer questions about either resort!


Also, I'm attaching the wedding guidelines for both resorts, just in case you're interested.







2007 Wedding Guidelines.doc

LVP Wedding Guidelines 2007.pdf

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