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Hello Spring Break Brides!


I'm an Assistant Principal at a middle school in San Francisco, and we're planning a wedding in Playa Del Carmen to coincide with my spring break. So glad to be in solidarity with all the school folks out there! We have a site visit to The Royal scheduled for Labor Day Weekend. Now I need to get in shape over the next six weeks so we can maybe take engagement pics while we're there.


Believe it or not, the only thing I have accomplished is buying my dress. Its the Casablanca 1932, got it at a little bridal boutique going out of business. I LOVE it! The material is silky taffeta and just flows and shimmers and fluffs all around, perfect for sparkling off the beach water! I'm thinking about finding some amazing hot pink shoes wink.gif My colors will be turquoise and hot pink.


I'm starting to look at photographers. Anyone have any idea the average range is for photography plus albums etc? It's looking to be quite PRICEY!!!


The funny thing is, we chose a DW so that we could minimize the planning involved (honestly, when you work in public schools, who has the time or energy?) But now it seems like I'm sucked in with all these decisions and options...my head is spinning. Anyone else feel this way?

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Have you thought about sharing a photographer with another DW bride? Sometimes that can bring the costs down...


When choosing a destination wedding, photography was really the only thing that made me wary -- it seemed uber expensive to fly down a photographer and I kept having nightmares of cheesy resort wedding photographers. Everything came together for us this week, though. I work in media relations and I worked out a way to bring the photographer for our city's paper out for our wedding! Actually, it was his idea. He said that him and his wife needed a holiday, so he'd just combine the two. Funny how things work out, huh?


You might also pop into the wedding vendors sub-forum -- I think there are a number of photographers in there. Maybe if you found someone based in Playa you'd avoid all the flying/resort costs.


Happy planning :)

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Originally Posted by anel1987 View Post


We've decided to go with Ivan Lucky Photography, I love his style


Playa de Carmen | Cancun | Wedding photographer


And compared to everyone else his price is good


Wow!  He is GREAT!  I loved all his pics online.  How has he been to work with so far?  Do you mind telling me some cost comparison research you did? 

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Hello Ladies,


Im getting married in March at Excellence Playa Mujeres.



Jennifer- We are using Matt from Del Sol http://delsolphotography.com/blog/ I know they are a bit on the higher end of prices but at the end of the day all you will have left are your photos and they are among the best in the world.  They were also able to work with me to find a package I can afford which I really appreciated.  I called the office to ask a small question the other day and ended up spending quite a bit of time on the phone with Matt who really made me feel like I made the right choice. 


No matter who you choose, good luck :)

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Hi Ladies,


Im getting married at Excellence Playa Mujeres on March 12, 2011.  


Im so glad someone started this blog!  I think it will really help me to see what all your timelines are.  


Christamh-  when are you getting married at EPM?  



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