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    Thanks marnyh and fsuambs )
  2. klarson, PM me your email, I'll sent you his pricings Btw if you're trying to contact him through his blog/site there has been a glitch and lots of those requests are lots or delayed... so it's best to email him directly ivan.luckie@luckiephotography.com
  3. anel1987

    Newbie :))

    Thanks everyone! I've been MIA, cuz I've been finishing off university, but now it's all done, and I'm totally addicted to this place )) This forum really does help alot
  4. I found, that it's much easier to have the legal ceremony at home (Toronto) a week before our departure for El Cid, and just have a symbolic ceremony there... Because I heard that there's also about a 2 month wait for your certificate to be shipped back and then you'd have to deal with paperwork and translation and all that, and it seems like lots of headache...
  5. I am trying to find a good travel agent. The one have currently, or more like had, as I'm not going to go with her, she take forever to reply or submit quote or to do anything... I sent her a request for quotes in the end of June, and only thing week she emailed me back, and it was silence inbetween. So if anyone has a good travel agent, I'd really appreciate it if you can share her/him with me. I live in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks!!!!
  6. We've decided to go with Ivan Lucky Photography, I love his style Playa de Carmen | Cancun | Wedding photographer And compared to everyone else his price is good
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by sboone I am so sorry I have been MIA. We are sooo busy right now with planning, moving, starting new jobs, and summer activities. I'm so excited to have another Marina el Cid bride to discuss with! We are in full swing planning right now, because our wedding is Nov 5th. We're about to send out the invitations and we already have 35 people booked, so it's moving right along. We haven't decided about the photographer yet. What did you think? Did you see any of the pictures? She send me some examples. They look good, not great. I have reached out to a couple of p
  8. For each extra guest, after 10 guests, they charge $80 Quote: Originally Posted by Anikoni Hi everyone I'm a April 2011 bride and strongly thinking about getting married at the El Cid but like you it seems there is not too much information or pictures out there of weddings. SBOONE, how is it going to work for your group with the wedding package, everything in there is for 10 guests..do they charge you more for having over 10 ? We are going to be a group of about 20-30. Thanks and you must be so glad your day is coming up pretty soon ...can't wait for mine Annick
  9. yeah if you PM me your email I'll email all the stuff or you can email directly to Eva at weddings.cancun@elcid.com.mx, she's great with responses very fast and answers all of your questions Quote: Originally Posted by aegreen17 I am deciding on our destination now, and this is one of our top 4. Could anyone send me a little more info about package pricing and photo pricing? Thanks so much, Aubrey
  10. My FI and I are getting married at Marina El Cid Spa & Resort,Riviera Maya and we're having our wedding on a Jetty.. you should check it out.. it's an interesting alternative to gazebo, and it's surrounded by the ocean
  11. Do you know if the hotel photographer any good? or will you be bringing an outside one?? I just got email from Eva, with photo packages
  12. This is so exciting =)))) We are also in the early planning stages.. But I have some stuff planned out.. Invitations are going to be "message in a bottle" style, I'll try to post pictures later once I finish putting together a sample one. Our colour scheme, I'm thinking of kipping it simple white & aqua I'm only going to have a MOH and i'm thinking she'll be wearing one of these or something similar Victoria's Secret - Printed drop-waist strapless dress ( the navy and blue dress) Victoria's Secret - One-shoulder Bra Top dress ( bright cobal) I want to ke
  13. Calling all March 2011 Brides... I'm getting married at the Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort in Riviera Maya. I just wanted to bond with the other brides who are sharing the same timeline and sea/landscapes as me. Let's all share our experiences and questions here ) I've just started planning everything but so far its been going surprisingly smoothly
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lalanyc I am not a bride but visited the hotel late last year and also met with Eva. She is FANTASTIC!! You will be in great hands. The resort is beautiful and secluded and very well priced. I hope you enjoy it! )) Good to know!!! I'm so excited and terrified at the same time
  15. I also just emailed him about booking him for March 2011!! His photos are amazing!
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