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Newly Engaged at The Royal In Cancun!!

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Congratulations & Welcome to the forum. smile123.gif


How was the Royal in Cancun?


We were looking at that for either or wedding or honeymoon.


Is it a nice place to stay?


Emma x

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Sorry i tool long to reply "TheFutureWagners"!! i didnt realized everyone had responded lol


The resort is Amazing!!! you will love it! great food, drinks, the staff is beyond amazing too! We saw at least 2 weddings there and they looked really nice!


I am going to get married there on June 21, 2011!! Katia Nunez is my WC....who is yours? have you chosen a package yet?? :-)

Originally Posted by TheFutureWagners View Post

and PS- Once you realized how addicted you are to this site, you'll see why I'm saying this- we should meet up if you're in the Boston area! :)


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hey TheFutureWagners !! sorry it took me so long to reply, i didnt realize anyone repleid to the thread! the hotel is amazing! you will love it! the food was great, the drinks were really good too and the service was exceptional! The hotel itselt is incredibly beautiful!


I just booked my wedding for June 21, 2011! We chose the Royal Catholic Wedding......with a catholic ceremony at the chapel over at The Gran Caribe Real and a beach reception at the Royal! so excited!


have you chosen a package?? ;-)


we can def meet up!! I live like 35-45 mins from Boston!

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