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Newbie...call me CLUELESS

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Everytime we think we get somewhere we get lost in the multitude of information and MISinformation out there.


I'm trying to find a place that isn't a theme park, but allows for kids. Has high end services and amenities but also has affordable options to allow some of our guests the ability to attend.



ha anyone had any dealins with Luxe Destination Wedding service? We're thinking about hiring them.


So if anyone has any information, recommendations (places, TA's, etc.), or places NOT to go please shoot them my way. I'm so excited to actually have a place to get some real life experiences.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Dominique, welcome to the website. There is tons of info on the website to help you decide and also lots of TA's and other professionals that can certainly give you info and help you out. Good luck and happy planning!

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