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Cabanas Maria del Mar *Review*

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Hi all! I'm back from our destination wedding and wanted to share a few things about our stay at Cabanas Maria del Mar.


The first thing I want to share is that overall, we thought this was the best bang for our buck on North Beach. We were on the best beach on the entire island and it was decently priced.


The maintenance people do not speak English so if you have a problem, instead of calling the front desk, go to the front desk, ask for Clara (Manager who speaks the most English) and let her know what is going on. We had an air conditioning problem that didnt get taken care of for 3 days due to the language barrier. I finally went and talked with Clara and it was resolved in a matter of 20 mins. DOH! smile35.gif


The other thing you need to watch out for is that they will charge your credit card when you get there a deposit amount for you safe lock and remote control. They will refund that amout when you have checked out and returned both items.


There are cockroaches. We never had any in our room nor did any of our other guests but they are all over the island so it wasnt uncommon to see one in the hallway.


Overall, this hotel is really the best value in our opinion for being right on North Beach. It doesnt have bells and whistles like a gym or anything like that but it shows in their price.


The only thing that disappointed me is that a year before the wedding I tried to negotiate a break in price because we had a group staying there and she gave me "2009" prices for the group because they said they were raising the rates in 2010. When we got there, there was a sign posted with their current rates and they hadn't changed so I was a little bummed we didnt save any money by staying there.


Happy travel!

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