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For anybody who has stayed at the majestic colonial - Please Help

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Hello everybody,

I am putting together an information booklet for my guests (85) and I am sure at least one of them is going to know the answers to one if not all of the questions listed below at some point before or during our trip. If you have been to the majestic colonial or know the answers to the questions below please help me out if you can. Also if you have any tips or suggestions in regards to staying at the resort please let me know as well.

Hello everybody!!!

so I'm putting together information booklets for the guests coming to my wedding (85). i know somebody in our group is going to ask some of these questions and I myself don't know the answers so if you do please let me know.


Q. Can I settle my bill the night before departure in order to speed up the check-out process?


Q. Can we receive long distance calls in our room?


Q. How much does it cost to make a long distance phone call from our room?


Q. Can we use calling cards? Is there an additional fee?


Q. Can we access the internet from any room? How much does it cost?.


Q. Is laundry service available?


Q. Do all rooms have a safe and is there an extra charge to use them?


Q. Is smoking permitted on the premises?


Q. Is there a bank machine on the premises?


Q. How far is the closest bank?


Q. Are there lifeguards on duty at the beach and pool?


Q. Is room service available 24hrs?



Thanks in advance,


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Here are the answers in order of your questions:


1)Yes, you can settle your bill the night before.

2)Yes, you can receive international calls in your room. The person calling must call the main Majestic number and then provide them with your room number to be transferred.

3) I don't know about Canada, but a call to the States is $2 per minute plus a $2 connection fee.

4)Only calling cards purchased in the DR will work. There is still a $2 connection fee.

5)Internet is available in your room for $10 a day. In the reception you can get wifi access for $3/hour or use the hotel's computers for $5/half hour.

6)Yes, there is laundry service.

7) All rooms have a safe and it is included.

cool.gifYou can smoke everywhere.

9) There is a bank machine in the reception area, but it only dispenses pesos.

10) The closest bank is about 10 mins. away.

11) There are no lifeguards anywhere.

12) Room service depends on your room category.


I hope that helps.

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I don't know the answers Jess but I'm so excited for you! Your date is almost here! How are you feeling? Did you kick your cold? I hope so! We have to meet up at somepoint!! EARLY CONGRATULATIONS and I hope you have a wicked time! Remember to relax and enjoy it...don't worry about whether everyone else is having a good time! Que Sera Sera!


PS How did you like the proof of your book? Will you have it in time to take it to Punta Cana? Hope so!

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