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  1. Chell44- I couldn't find any good pictures of our centerpieces, but these might give you an idea. We had 15 guest tables that had the first flower arrangement and then a head table for my husband and I. The second picture is the arrangement that was on our table. Â Â
  2. No, we didn't have to pay anything. Make sure you check with your WC first to see if they are going to charge for day passes and to make sure they allow outside florists to come into the resort. Keep in mind that the WCs make a lot of commission off of the flowers you buy from them, so they might not be too thrilled about the idea of you getting your flowers elsewhere. At the Iberostar Dominicana they were great though and even gave the florist a tour of the areas we would be using for our ceremony and reception about 3 weeks prior to the wedding.
  3. I just got married at the Iberostar Dominicana. You made the best choice possible! Yoselina and Magalis are a dream to work with. Be prepared to be treated like royalty your entire stay. Those ladies can make anything happen. We got married at the gazebo on the beach and then rented the disco for 3 hours. Feel free to e-mail me at acw134@gmail.com with any questions or for pictures!
  4. Hey girls! I just wanted to let you know that my flowers from Floristeria el Tronco were AMAZING. I have received a million compliments on my bouquet. My flowers arrived on time the day of my ceremony and the flower shop took care of all of the set up. I would HIGHLY recommend their services. Just make sure that you confirm everything multiple times, as their could have been some minor hiccups had I not followed up as often as I did. I've included a picture of some of the flowers. Picture is courtesy of Huellas Del Caribe (I'll write that review later). If you want more pictures, PM me your e-mail and I'll send them.
  5. I used them and they were great. I did everything through e-mail and always received a quick response. I had my papers back within a week of sending them. I was impressed.
  6. I just received another Vistaprint order. I was looking for a way to personalize the fans we have for our guests. I ended up ordering address labels with our names, wedding date and location. The fans look really great with the little personalized touch. I also got the premium business cards to use as place cards. Eventually I will post pics of everything!
  7. I have quite a bit of experience in deal hunting on vacation packages, but still decided to use a TA for our wedding group. I am so happy that I did. All but twice the TA was able to get better prices than I could find. She has also saved me a million headaches. Every time someone books I get an e-mail and I also now have copies of all of my guests' bookings and requests. I HIGHLY recommend using a TA and have faith that they will get you good rates.
  8. I am getting married there in 40 days (!!!!!!). I have been working with Yoselina. She is a little slow in responding to e-mails, but still really helpful. If you send me a PM with your e-mail address, I will forward the ceremony and reception options. Let me know if you have questions about the hotel, as well. I have stayed there 11 times!!!
  9. Just received my first vistaprint order! I made photo share cards with oversized postcards and welcome notes with the rack cards (as well as a bunch of silly stuff...hat, pen, note pad, etc.). I love how well everything printed. I have 3 more orders on the way! Can't wait to see everything else.
  10. Hey girls! Sorry I disappeared for a week. Pretty much the only difference is that mine will obviously be real flowers. Also, to answer someone else's question, the florist know the WC really well so they are going to let her come into the hotel and set everything up for us. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. Time is flying by.
  11. This is really cute. I just ordered mine from Vistaprint, but I wish I would have seen the wording of this one first. Oh well.
  12. I used this offer a couple of weeks ago and my order just came in! I am really impressed at how nice everything turned out compared to the low prices I paid. I got 2 t-shirts for me, 1 for FI and a swimsuit that says "Mrs. De La Rosa". The fabrics feel a little cheap, but the printing is great. I would definitely recommend this company.
  13. I heard back from Guillermina at the Floristeria El Tronco with a quote. The quotes are in pesos, but it ends up being about $650 for the following: 1 bridal bouquet 1 boutonniere for groom 4 bridesmaid bouquets 4 boutonnieres for groomsmen 2 boutonnieres for fathers 2 wrist corsages for mothers 12 centerpieces with vases 1 larger centerpiece for table at ceremony 2 arrangements to be hung on gazebo posts I think that it is a pretty good deal and like I said before the examples she did for me were awesome. PM if you want the breakdown of price per item.
  14. I have met with the people from Floristeria el Tronco twice. They did a bunch of samples for me and I loved what I saw. Now I am waiting on the quote. I will let you all know when I hear back from them. They have been a joy to work with so far, so I hope the price is reasonable.
  15. I also had a huge issue with them when I ordered my totes. They made tons of false promises and I ended up receiving my order more than a month after the expected delivery date. I ended up loving the results though and really wanted matching mugs. I had a great experience with my mug order and they ended up arriving early! I think if you have plenty of time, the results are worth the possible hassles.
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