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Precious Maui Wedding OR Paradise Maui Wedding????

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Originally Posted by cryssyv View Post
Laura&James - thanks for the feedback, you actually were one of the people who started convincing me in the beginning to look into Deanne and after looking into it I couldn't find any negative feedback on her and from personal exp in asking a few questions through email I love how prompt she was and seemed very helpful. We struggled a bit between Nancy and Marbelle but I think we're going to go with marbelle. How did you find her to work with? I love the photo's she takes but I also want to be sure that it's not just posed pics and also able capture the moment in the ceremony and also the more conventional wedding photo's - I guess I'm hoping for a good mix. Did you find you got a good variety with your pics?

Stacey - which photographer did you choose to go with?

I am letting Deanne take care of it... I'm pretty trusting, haha :) I picked a package with her and added on anything that I specifically wanted.

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Originally Posted by Everlynn2000 View Post
so, how much did you guys paid?

I'm planning for my wedding for this fall around sept - oct and don't know what's the budget we should set for 50 guests?

I'm interested in how much do you pay for how many guests so i can have a clue.

Please lets me know, le.everlynn@gmail.com, really appreciated if i end up booking your vendor especially you already have good experience with them

I went with Deanne's "Gardenia" package (and took out the minister since we are bringing our own) -- $545. I am having around 40 guests.
You can see what that includes here
Maui Wedding Packages, Hawaii Wedding Packages, Maui Hawaii Wedding Packages

We added a musician for the ceremony ($175), 3 single stem flowers for my bridesmaids to carry ($15), 8 leis for grandparents & parents ($8cool.gif, and 3 boutonnieres for our groomsmen ($27)

So that came out to about $850 for everything through Deanne.
Our ceremony site is $500 + cost of chairs (Meriman's Kapalua) -- she booked that for us as well, which was the same price if we booked it without using Deanne. AND instead of added extra photography we are buying a CD of all of the pictures they take so that we can bring that home and print out what we want when we get home ($100 is the estimate for now) -- this is done directly with the photographer and not Deanne.

We are taking care of the reception seperately on our own, but above pretty much includes everything else! Hope that helps -- let me know if you have any questions.

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