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Hi All,


We've been in circles trying to find a resort. We thought we settled on Barcelo Tropical, but now I am having second thoughts. I wasn't keen on Dreams, Palladium or RUI, and those were the top recommended. I also am not sold on Iberostar. So I don't know where to go.


I like Riviera Maya (particularly between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum) for all it has to offer our guests in terms of day trips and scuba/snorkling ... I just don't know if I can not find a clean, 4+ star (according to trip advisor), at around $1500, with a nice big interesting pool with bar.


We've been to two destination weddings at Majestic Colonial Punta Cana and the Grand Occidental Cozumel ... we wanted to try some place different, but we don't want to take our guests a step down, I don't want them to be slumming it for a wk (this is my worry with Barcelo, maybe I am being too harsh, i'm just scared) ... Maybe clean is more important than big interesting pool, which is the main thing we were looking at to start ... I just wish there was a Majestic Colonial equivalent in the area :o/


Does anyone have any recommendations?



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Not sure what you mean when you say $1500? Do you mean the cost of a wedding package? If so, that depends on the # of people you're bringing... Also, when you say 4 star - what does that mean for you? (as you may know, star ratings vary GREATLY so it'd be helpful to understand exactly how you measure, say, cleanlines, etc.).

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i mean REALLY clean. 4+ stars on Trip Advisor and Expedia, not just want the tour operators (i.e., Air Canada) call it. And $1500-1700 canadian per person from Toronto. Cost of the ceremony I can handle, I'm just worried about my guests.

Thanks :)

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