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Questions about setting up Turks and Caicos Wedding

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Hello. Looking for some answers to questions regarding setting up a wedding at T&C for end of May 2010 and wanted to see if anyone here could offer some assistance. I was going to call them up today, but figured I would start here first as there has been a lot of helpful information.


1) We are planning on having anywhere from 15-25 people (7 - 15 rooms) but are not sure on the number yet. What is the best way to go about the group booking? Work with a travel agent, or get a group code from the resort? What happens if we do not have 10 rooms booked? Are there any travel agents specializing in this resort that you would recommend?


2) It looks like they have an end of year sale going on for up to 65% off and free night. So, I am telling my guests that they can get a room for 7 nights for $3,000, however I don't think everyone will be able to book by the end of the year. How much is the price going to change? Will their be other promotions.


3) Does anyone have a clear breakdown of what you receive with the wedding package and what costs extra? Reading their website and these forums, I am confused on what is actually included. Also, how does that change if we have more than 10 rooms?


Thanks in advance, I would appreciate any assistance you could provide for my fiance and I.



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Hi Matt!

It sounds as though you are looking at Beaches Turks & Caicos as you mention a group code ?

If that is the case I would love to help you out! I've assisted many weddings at Beaches T & C - as I am the resident Sandals & Beaches travel agent on the forum! I've actually been to Beaches Turks & Caicos three times this year!

Generally with a group that is under 25 rooms I would encourgae you to use the group code as there is no penalty if you go under the 10 room minimum- however you recieve additional amenities once you hit the 10 room mark! At 5 rooms you receive ( based on availability) a one room upgrade ( does not apply from conceirege to butler level however) .

My experience is that for May travel unless Beaches is having a hard time booking the rooms we will not see such big discounts on the rooms- the good news is May is generally a slower time at Beaches resorts so the price may not go up all that much.

I have had times where the bride & groom have deposited for those that can't to lock in the rates, giving the guest a 30 day window - at the end of the 30 days if the guests did not book the room we cancel it and the bride & groom get their money back.

For the wedding packages it depends on which one you are looking at -there are now 6 different choices and themes.

The free one -Beautiful beginnings- comes with:
The services on the Miami & onsite wedding coordinator
Bouquet of white or purple orchids
Table setting for 4- with white chivari chairs
Appetizers, Champagne and cake for 4 ppl ( including the bride & groom)
1 - 5X7 photograph in an album
Breakfast in bed
Special dinner for bride & groom in restaurant

There is a T & C goverment fee -Depending on what room category you book and for how long Beaches will pay this for you.

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Thanks Jennifer. I did send you an e-mail and also filled out the form on your website. In reading the forums, it sounds like you are an expert, so we would appreciate the help with getting this set up and trying to keep it as affordable as possible. If we have to put a deposit down before the end of the year to lock in those prices and get the free room, I think we are prepared to do that.

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