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Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro Brides

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We are having the wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro on April 15, 2010. I just wanted to hear from other brides getting married at this resort as to what they have arranged or thinking of arranging. It doesn't matter how much we have already done, I keep thinking that there is so much more and I might miss something. So it would be good to hear from others.


We have selected the Blissful Love Wedding Package.


April 10th - arrive at resort in the evening. After the guests have had time to settle, thinking of arranging for a cocktail hour at the lobby bar for some drinks and a game to play

April 11th - arrange to play the Amazing Race for the guest meet and greet. I just loved this idea but of course doing it differently

April 12th - game of cups at poolside with guests

April 13th - game of water volleyball

April 15th - ceremony at 2:00 at garden gazebo, followed by pictures, guests will be asked to go to the lobby bar for some drinks where they can sign the scrapbook guestbook. Then will play a bride & groom game when everyone is together. 6:30 to 10:30 is the dinner and dancing at the Outdoor Piscis Restaurant. Music will be played from our Ipod (still selecting music).

About 36 people have been confirmed at resort but expecting closer to 50 guests.


Things completed:

- bought two dresses - one long & one short (short one has to be altered)

- bought bridesmaid dresses

- some of the guest gifts


In progress:

- scrapbook guest book

- different games to play

- thinking of centerpieces



- having an AHR two weeks after wedding at Golf & Country club with about 150 guests (only cocktails and dancing - no dinner)

- bought candle holder for centerpieces and shells - still need candles

- started invitation process


I wanted to arrange for a welcome dinner on the Sunday evening with our guests but have approached the resort and they are claiming that it will cost another $750.00 US. This seems odd since at an all inclusive, we should be allowed to arrange for a dinner at a restaurant. Anyone else having this issue.


So much to do and so little time.


Where is everyone else at.

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