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Photographer Alberto Misrachi of Helix Audio

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Hi Everyone!


We got married a month ago @ Casa Dorada. Everything was beautiful & I will be posting my reviews on our vendors shortly.

In the meantime, we have been waiting to hear from Alberto Misrachi who was our photographer. He has been unresponsive for a few weeks despite numerous emails and phone calls. We have yet to receive our disk of wedding photos which he promised to send weeks ago and we are also waiting for our coffeetable book of photos. Is anyone working with him currently? I really hope nothing happened to him since he was really great to work with initially. We booked with him last year for our engagement picutures with no problems and were very satisfied, but it just seems like he fell of the face of the earth. Worried frown.gif

I'd really love to give him a great review, but since we haven't heard from him, I'm just hope everything is ok and nothing serious has happened to him.

If anyone has heard from him recently can you let me know please?


Thank-you for your help!


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