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Grooms Attire...great sale!!

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Ladies today my FI and I went to a super mall and then some outlets about an hour from our house. The mall had nothing...all fall stuff! To be expected I guess. The sales guy at NM told us to go to the Philadelphia Outlets located in Limerick, PA. WHOA... we got a full suit from Brooks Brothers for $69.00. We have chosen seersucker for my FI but I am making plans to take my dad up for a tan suit...or whatever color he chooses. For that price you really can't beat it. My FI was every impressed with the quality...just to give you an idea he has 3 Hugo Boss suits that really is the only type he buys because it fits his tall lean figure...so I guess that is all he has to compare too. Only problem is they don't do the fitting like most suit places...guess cause its an outlet!

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