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All the way from the Uk to Mexico to propose...and now back to get married!!

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Originally Posted by shellk View Post
katie that sounds wonderful no wonder you said yes.

are you going back to the same resort around the same time?

can i ask what was the weather like in feb?

Hi Shellk,

We're not going back to the same resort, (Grand Rivieria Princess) but that's not to do with the hotel - we loved it there!

We went 24 Feb - 10 March and the weather was just perfect. We only had 10 mins of rain in the whole 2 weeks we were there. apparently they'd had a bit of rain before we'd got there that had bought in the mosi's, but that was fine. I got bit, but i get bitten all the time, no matter where i go! Fiance didn't get bitten at all!

Good luck with yours too :o)

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