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Cozumel or surrounding area vendors

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Hello all,

I am getting married in June 2010 in Cozumel. I am using Cozumel Wedding Planner and getting married at Mr. Sanchos. I am very satisfied but would like additional vendor information for things not offered by Stephanie.


First, does anyone know of any cigar shops/rollers to do a Cigar Bar for my FI? He will be so surprised if I can pull this off for him and his boys!


Also I am looking for alternatives in photography. She has someone she recommends but I would like to find someone more creative. As of right now I have contacted Sascha Gluck and Moments That Matter. Del Sol Photography was goergous but too expensive. Any suggestions welcome.


I am also looking for rental companies for linens and lounge furniture. As of now I am going to bring linens from home, but if I can find what I am looking for in Mx that would be great.


If anyone could help me with any of this I would be greatful. Also if I find anything in the meantime I will post it as well.



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hello,  I am getting married at the same place  you got married. My wedding is in 3 months. Would you mind to take a minute to send me  your comments about this place and wedding planner? I would really appreciate any suggestions or advice. What photographer did you end up hiring and were you able to rent the lounge furniture? You can always email me to madi1832@live.com. thanks for taking the time ;-)

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