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CASA DORADA wedding review MOVED

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Hi ladies,


I posted a review of my wedding at the Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo yesterday. I've emailed with a few of you off the board during the past year to answer your Qs re this hotel. I emailed some of you yesterday to let you know my review was finally up, and got a response back that you couldn't find the post. (Of course, I freaked out because I spent many hours drafting that review! Where'd it go??) Turns out, it was just moved to a different folder. (Who knew there was a special folder for wedding reviews!?! =) I've been on the board for over a year and just learned that, so I figured some of you might not know either.) Below is the link to the post, which has been moved to the "Wedding Reviews," for the brides interested in the Casa Dorada.




Good luck guys!!

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