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Calling Canadian/Winnipeg brides

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Okay heard back from Waldenway already! They advised the cost would be $21.00/night for one dog. You can bring whatever you want, food etc, bu they said it's not necessary, they will provide everything...


there email is staff@waldenway.com if you want to contact them directly.


Crappy that they are in St. anne, but if they are good, I think its worth it! They do offer a pick up/drop off service on their website, however I did not inquire about that on my inquiry.


Hope this helps!!


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It's great to hear that you know someone who has used their service, if we can't find a friend or family member who's not going to our wedding to take our dog, we will go with these guys!

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Thanks Jenn. I also heard back from Centennial Animal Hospital/boarding. They suggested that we bring our own food to any kennel just because changing a dog's food can cause upset tummies and loose stool, etc. But they also provide everything. I've read most places allow you to bring your dog's own things if you prefer. Likewise, my dog loves his bed! And as long as it's machine washable, it's fine with them.


I haven't heard any real reviews or feedback about them but they are the same price and are a little closer since they are still in the city. The dogs are kept in kennels but are let out 4 times a day. I may go down there and check them out personally, and they did recommend that we do this when choosing a kennel. I might not have time this month, but I'll be sure to update when I get more details. Thanks for your info.

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