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Playa Wedding Photography/Videography

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Originally Posted by LDeeken View Post
Thanks for the info on Mike. Did you get the Gold or Platinum package?

I like that with Playa Weddings you get so much footage/coverage included the photo/video package.

From Claudia's price list it was hard to tell how much you actually got with your video. I basically would like the raw video footage, an edit of the ceremony, and then an edit of the entire event. I couldn't tell if that was part of the Gold Package or if you would have to pay more for the Platinum.

Playa Weddings just seems so clear about their pricing and it includes so much. Ahh decisions, decisions!!!
We had Mike for 4 hours-got 4 chapters on the video...
Chapter 1 was me getting ready
Chapter 2-ceremony
Chapter 3-beach pictures etc
Chapter 4-highlights which was AMAZING!!!

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Thanks Paul!! I have been emailing with Rachel and she seems so nice!! It makes sense now why there haven't been alot of reviews on here about your photography since it is fairly new. I had been getting confused why I couldn't find any information on BDW. I have heard alot of great things about your videography!!


I hope that we have an opportunity to meet when we visit in July (I talked to Rachel about this).


Originally Posted by PlayaWeddings View Post
Hello, I'm Paul from PlayaWeddings. Rachel and I started shooting wedding videos in Denver 6 years ago. We shot for two years together before I moved to Playa del Carmen. I've been here 4+ years making wedding videos. A little over a year ago Rachel came and joined me and we got married. We purchased camera equipment and Rachel moved from video to stills and began learning the cameras. At the end of last season we shot our first photo/video wedding, Kelly and Mike. You can see the photos on our site. Then we left for a summer long trip through Europe and shot a ton of photos. This past season has been our first full season of offering both photo and video. The response to our photo/video package has been great. We've done a few for BDW members but no reviews posted yet.


We're upgrading all of our photo equipment for next season to the Canon 5D M2 with premium lenses. Our prices have gone up a bit for next season to reflect the upgrade in quality. We are delivering everything in HD on Blu-Ray disc. The resolution is fantastic on a large screen.


We are still booking at last years prices for next season for our current leads. We'd be happy to extend that to BDW members here through August. Just let us know when you write.

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Paul Schrank of Playa Weddings provided the videography services for our wedding in Akumal just about 2 weeks ago -- 6/26/09. Although I have not gotten our video yet, I can unequivocally say he and his assistant were truly wonderful, totally professional and I have no doubt we are going to LOVE the final product! rolleyes.gif


My wedding ran about 80 minutes late -- we started late on makeup and hair and when you have a party of 10+ women and only one makeup/hair artist, that is a formula for disaster, lol --nevertheless, Paul was patient, kind and shot everywhere. He and his assistant stayed long past the hours (about 2+) we contracted him for and did it with a smile. They were right there for all the special moments without being obtrusive and my photographers even commented that Paul was doing a kick ass job getting great shots.


I will post a full review of Playa Weddings' services once I get my video back, but based on their past work *their portfolio is awesome* and the professionalism they exuded on my wedding day, I am confident they will do a fabulous job for any couple who contracts them, including myself! *they are also great BDW members, and in my book, that counts for a whole lot wink.gif

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