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ROR- photo's on the day

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We are getting married at ROR in Dec 09. It will just be Me, OH, and daughter (4yrs) there.


I got thinking about who could take some photo's of us on the day......


Is there a photoshop at the hotel, someone who could take a some pics for us and purchase them? Or would we need to buy a photo package from the extras? worried2.gif


We dont really want hundreds of photo's. Neither of us really like having our photo taken and OH will not enjoy standing around 'posing' for ages! Plus our daughter will get bored and run riot! Lol


If anyone could help, that would be great!

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There is a Photoshop at ROR. Michael is the head photographer there and he has assitants.

Here is a thread with his website where you can find pricing info:




Definitely take a look at his portfolio. There are lots of BDW ROR brides who have used Michael & Photoshop so you should definitely look at any pictures that they have posted to make sure that you like his style.

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