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Proposal on Westjet Flight 950 to Las Vegas

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#1 aau

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    Posted 15 June 2009 - 04:30 PM

    Darren (my fiance) and I started looking at diamonds and engagement rings in July 2008. Due to my anxious personality, I asked every month following, "have you found a diamond yet?" I asked that for the last time when we went to Mexico in November 2008; Darren had found a diamond then and was getting the ring made but since he is not a good liar, did not like me inquiring about it so he told me that if I was to ask one more time, he would just give me the money to buy my own ring... I got the message and had not inquired about it anymore since that day.
    Two l-o-n-g months went by and we were on our way to Vegas to escape the cold winter weather. After the plane reached altitude, Darren told me he was going to grab drinks from the flight attendants and went to the back of the plane. Little did I know, he was arranging with the flight attendants the perfect time to propose to me. An hour and a half in to the flight, the head flight attendant calls me up over the intercom to the front of the plane to play a "game". (I didn't think this was unusual because Westjet is known to do things offbeat). The flight attendant told everyone that the game was to humiliate me so I was feeling quite flustered. When I got to the front of the plane, he made me turn around to face the other passengers and then introduced me and asked me if I had a best friend and whom he/she was. I replied "my best friend is Darren", the flight attendant asked if Darren was on the flight to which I replied "yes". He called Darren up to the front of the plane and introduced him and said to everyone "Darren has something to share with everyone". He handed the intercom to Darren who then professed his love to me "Anna, the last 4 years have been incredible and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you... will you marry me? Darren got down on one knee and opened the box. I was crying pretty hard at that moment and everything was so surreal - I couldn't believe that the proposal that I had been waiting for was actually happening then. Through teary eyes and a weepy voice, I replied "yes". He got up, kissed and hugged me and put the ring on my finger... only it didn't fit!! He gave me this look like all that work and the ring doesn't fit. I guess the goldsmith had made my ring a 1/4 size too small. The flight attendant saw that I was struggling to get the ring on over my knuckle and suggested I twist it on... so I did; my finger turned purple while walking down the aisle to show everyone my ring. I was relieved to get to the washroom at the back of the plane so I could take the ring off before I lost my finger. We got the ring sized the next day so I could wear it for the rest of the trip. We were on cloud 9 for weeks following!!! I can't wait to marry my best friend!!

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      Posted 15 June 2009 - 04:34 PM

      that is an incredible story!!!!! Tell Darren he did an AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!! Congrats :)

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