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Help me if you can, please!

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Yes - definitely time to drop it and lose this friggin' thread for good.


I paid for my BD session/book and got an amazing 5x5 book - so you are even off-base whining about that.


You mentioned in an earlier post that he is reading this thread - and if he is ... then WHY the hell would he want to deal with you anymore? You bash him and complain incessantly. I would say 'screw you' and not return your emails or phone calls either.


You may need to look up the definition of 'free'...

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WOW! Thanks a lot. I really thought you girls would be a little more sympathetic to the situation. I understand it was a FREE shoot and I am really happy with the pictures. I can live with the size of the book; however, the print quality is bad.


It's funny how some of you think that I was harrassing him because I emailed him...I was always nice to the man in my emails and always willing to work with him if he would just contact me back. He failed to do so and in the past some of you were upset when somebody didn't contact you back. I wasn't expecting an immediate responce, but when weeks went by and I hadn't heard from him. I gave him plenty of time to email me back. If I had sent him multiple emails daily or called him daily then yes I would be harrassing him. But I did no such thing. I waited weeks between most of my emails....and I actually stopped emailing him cause I had given up.


This was a learning experience for me and hope others have learned from my mistake. For those that acutally understood my feelings here...THANK YOU!


MODs - Please close this thread.

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we can close the thread, but I have to say I find it really interesting that you want sympathy until someone disagrees with you...perhaps you need to really take a good look at what you want from the girls here.

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