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Hey Ladies and vendors Need Advice!

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I was curious if you ladies have any recommendations of where to stay in Cancun that is near nightlife such as coco bongos and what not because we plan on going to the clubs at night..


We're looking for a resort that either has a sister resort or is family resort but in November not many kids go.. lol


We want it to be on the beach with breath taking views, waves, swimmable (not rocky), turquoise, and of course a beautiful sandy beach for volleyball, tanning, etc.. :)


It must be ALLINCLUSIVE with AMAZING food and alchohol of course :)



- Budget for guests coming $2000 ( I don't know if this is asking for much but I don't want guests to spend a fortune )


- Budget for resort 4500 ( including airfair, we most likely will book off of expedia.ca or sunwingvacations ) [ also wouldnt mind it been cheaper to lol ]


- Budget for photography and videography for 2hrs only $1000-1400 ( but that's really pushing my FI's buttons lol ) [ I'd love for it to include getting ready, ceremony ] Only 10-12 people will be coming to a lot of the resorts are telling me that bookin a private reception would be a waste of money.... but I'm curious.. where will I have my First Dance then sad.gif



SO if you wonderful ladies have any recommendations on amazing allinclusive resorts with great rooms, beach, activities and foood... please reply!

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