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Destination Scout

Going to Germany in two weeks

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Go anywhere and everywhere you can!!!!!!! I was born in Poland and lived in Germany for almost 10 years and then in London for a year in college when I studied abroad. And will be forever be in love with Europe even though I'm a US citizen now. The culture, food, people, architecture....it's all so amazing! I suggest you take in whatever you possibly can.

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I spent a week in a small town along the Rhine called Oberhilbershiem. The country was amazingly green. The Rhine was romantic. I had originally planned on spending three days riding my bicylcle along the Rhine visiting different vineyards, castles and churches. I was only able to fit one day of this in my schedule, but I would definitely like to go back and try again.


Here is a quick introdution to the Rhineland. You will fly into Frankfurt - Main, which means Frankfurt on the Main River. I would suggest you spend a day here. Frankfurt was mostly destroyed during WWII but there are still several historic buildings like the opera house and the Dom. You can also cross the Main and visit your choice of about seven museums.


I took a walk through a park that led me from the historical city to the river. I then found a roach barge and ordered a beer and gyro and having a picnic in the grass along the river.

I was rather proud of myself for having A) ordered in German, B) not asked to repeat myself C) getting what I expected.


You can then take the train into Mainz and visit the cathedral there, which is actually older than the one in Frankfurt and quaint open air shopping center.


Mainz itself has many Roman ruins including temples and ampitheathers that have been partially renovated.


I was lucky enough to experience Father's Day on my visit. In Germany, this is always on a Thursday, and is considered a national holiday. All banks, schools, and business are closed for the day. Men get together with either their sons, but more likely their old college buddies and spend the day bar hopping. My hosts were kind enough to take me for a hike. We ran across two groups of boys towing a wagon full of beer. This one was the most impressive. They were towing a full keg and a crate of beer, topped off with a K-Mart blue special light.


My favorite day was when I took the bicycle out along the Rhine for about 40 kM each way. I saw many beautiful castles and churches. I also managed to go the wrong direction 3 times each time I came to an interesection, making the entire trip about 120 kM long, which is still only an 8 hour day.


Enjoy the show.

Touring Germany

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