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Ya, I was looking for that too, but I'm wondering if it's just that you can minimize them.  Like I minimized most of the subforums except the chatting ones on the main forum page.  But I'd love to block some of them!

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Hi carly,


we don't have a way to filter down the All New Posts page for users to see just the threads with new posts since the last time they were on the site it has been passed along to our product manager to think over. and hopefully we can add it to a later release.

Originally Posted by carly View Post

Sooooo, I did a search and this was the closest thread to what I wanted.  I know it's really old, but since it's perfect, I'm just reviving...


Is there a way to view all unread (by me) new posts?  Right now, when I click on "new posts" it shows me all new posts even if I've marked them read...

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