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ROR wedding pics from my March 11, 2009 wedding

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Originally Posted by JNL2011 View Post
really nice pictures. Had a question where did you get the bridesmaid dresses the style looks perfect for a beach wedding.
We got the dresses at a store called Le Chateau. It's just a chain store here in Canada- the dresses were I think $80 or so each (they went down to half price about a month after the girls bought them-- oops!).

Thanks for the comments about the BMs, everyone! I didn't want a traditional BM dress, and told them I didn't care if they wore matching dresses (or even the same colour for that matter) but myself and a couple of my BMs saw this dress in this colour on a mannequin and they all tried it on and loved it!! I think it photographed really well, and the flowers matched PERFECTLY!!

The bouquets are from Floral Fantasies. Their prices were GREAT, and I was so pleased with the bouquets. I paid $40 US for each of the BMs bouquets, $50 for mine and about $10 for bouts, plus $50 delivery to the ROR. Chandlyn let me have extra sparkling wine for the reception in place of the "free" bouquet that comes with the package.

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