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Is anyone a member of Disney Vacation Club?


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We were members for 1 year, but have since re-sold. DH thought it was a great idea to join thinking that it was a $ saver. I was very hesitant & didn't want to join but it was useful as we used our first set of points for our Hawaii HM.


But the more I thought about it, I kept telling him that it just wasn't necessary. For one, I'm the type that doesn't like to be told where I have to stay when I go on vacation. I like to do my own research & find my own accomodations. As you know, going with a timeshare, you're limited to staying at the resorts that they are affiliated with.

But what happens when the 1 or 2 resorts that they have aren't to your liking or the reviews are less than favorable? Then you're stuck! KWIM?

Yes, you can possibly stay at another resort by exchanging your points, But what happens when that resort isnt available?


Second, the point system was a downside. Peak time, vs off peak time, length of the vacation where longer vacations & nicer resorts equals more points, it was all a bit much.

We thought it would be useful for planning vacations with both of our families but as you know, the larger the accomodations that you need, the more points you have to have.


So, long story short, we got out. I know this sounds like a negative review, but its just my honset opinion & our story. Initially it sounded like a great opportunity & a big money saver. In reality, it just didn't work out the way we that we had planned & we found that we would not be using it the way that we thought we would.

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