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URGENT: Need Couples for DW article

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Hello people,


My name is Daniele Pinto and I am a reporter with Columbia News Service in New York.


I am working on a story on destination weddings and would love to talk to couples who either had their destination wedding or are planning it right now.


I am particularly interested in the economic aspect (how destination weddings actually allow you to save money,) and in the guest-list control aspect.


I have a deadline on Friday night, therefore I would love to hear from you by then. Please shoot me an email with your contact information and phone number and I will call you back on the phone.


As I already have a couple in NY with whom I am working with, it would be great if I could talk to somebody who is not from the East Coast. Canadians are welcome, too.


Columbia News Service is a news wire syndicated through the New York Times Wire and our stories are picked up and republished by newspapers all across the U.S. and Canada.




Daniele Pinto

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just bumping this ladies, if anyone is interested it looks like the deadline is today!

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