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Engaged 7.7.7

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At the time we were doing long distance (for about 5 years!). I was in Atlanta and he was in SF.


In 2007, I had to be in SF for work on July 9th, so I flew in a few days earlier to spend the weekend with him. On Saturday we decided to go to Sausalito, even though it was already 5ish when we finally headed that direction. He said earlier that week that he wanted to take some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. I always loved Sausalito and couldn't wait for another chance to visit No Name Girl shop that I love.


By the time we got there and parked, it was around 5:50pm, but No Name Girl actually closed a bit earlier even though the store hours should be until 6pm. Ugh. He was making fun of me because this is the second time I missed it coming all the way up there. We walked around and I managed to get him to agree to take a few pictures together. I should have known something was different because he usually doesn't want to be in the picture. Then we moved on to Sushi Ran - a sushi place that my friend highly recommended.


Anyway, dinner ran longer than expected so we were behind schedule. It was already dark and we still haven't took any pictures of the bridge yet. He said we could still stop by on our way back, he wanted to take a picture of the night view anyway. Unfortunately we missed that last exit before getting on the bridge to get to the popular photo spot, so we crossed the bridge and drove around to find a spot where we could see the entire bridge. We ended up around Lincoln Park, near the CA Palace of the Legion of Honor and finally parked. He started to set up his camera while I was doing my usual self portrait with my camera. Then he asked if I can help him hold something so I went over. It was already very dark so I didnâ€t see what he put in my palm. Initially I thought it was a screw driver or the camera cap, but then I suddenly realized it's a ring!


It's a diamond ring!!


Then I started screaming and then immediately said yes. Then I realized he hasnâ€t even asked me to marry him yet. He laughed and said he didnâ€t get a chance to because I've been screaming from the second I realized what it was. Finally he looked at me and asked "Will you marry me?" And I said yes for the second time.


That's how I got engaged :) Now I'll have to find time to write about my wonderful wedding :)

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