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OMG it never ends

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LOL, Ann I'm glad you got yours, and just tell Paul if he's not in Mexico for the wedding you'll just marry someone else.. lol..

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Originally Posted by redwards View Post
I know i'm a little late on this...but I just wanted to say I'm SO sorry for all this passport drama!!! You poor girls!! That's a bummer that you have to drive all the way to Chicago for yours Tammy. :-( but I'm sure it will be a relief to have it finished...in your hands once and for all!!

Personally, I was jaded by the passport agency long ago! When I applied for my very first passport (I was 16). We submitted everything at the end of October for a trip I was taking in February, then we waited, and waited...and waited...and waited. We called to check on things are were told it's common for several weeks to go by without any news or status about the application. Finally, it's the end of January and still no passport and no news. As we're calling and trying to figure things out, we get a letter later that week saying (in VERY vague, diplomatic, "we don't want to take blame for this" terms) that the application I submitted was "lost/stolen and I will need to re-submit everything, sorry for the trouble, thank you very much!" WTF?!?! This was two weeks before I was supposed to leave the country! Why didn't they think to notify us before then? MONTHS have gone by!! rant.gif Anyway, it was a mad scramble to try and get everything taken care of in time. My poor mother had to spend hours on the phone and in lines at the passport office trying to sort things out. We even had to get my grandmother to go to the office in Cali to get a new copy of my birth certificate (I was born in the Bay Area) - since they had lost the one we had sent with the application! (WHY do they make you send originals of all your super important legal documents?!?!) It was a nightmare. It also cost an extra $300 to have everything expedited etc. I finally got it about 3 days before I was supposed to leave. Even after all that, my mom spent the next 5 months submittimg receipts and claims to the agency to get reimbursed for all her additional expenses.

Whew! Ok, so that was a LOT! But that's also the reason that I made David submit our renewals in March for Monica's Sept wedding! And why I insisted that we use priority mail w/ a tracking number for both the outgoing and return envelopes!! I want to know where those suckers are at ALL times!!

So the lesson here for all you girls who don't have passports or know someone who doesn't have a passport. . .APPLY NOW! Lol!!! So what if you get it a year ahead of time...at least you'll have it and you can avoid all this stress! shots.gif
Rachel - I had the EXACT same fricking thing happen to me! I was LIVID!!

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