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Breezes Runaway Bay Jan 2010

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It really is all about what you are looking for. The bus from Montego Bay is about 70-90 minutes. I have close to 50 people joining us at BRB in October 09 but I wanted a smaller place where there was plenty to do but we would see each other. Those that are coming for longer than the 4 days are booking on the front end or transferring to another resort for the second part. It is really important to ask the people who had experiences before if it was before or after their renovation. New buildings, updated rooms, new restaurant, the works. It is affordable in tough times for those I want the most with me for my day and weekend.

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Hi All -


I'm booked at BRB for April 18th. I agree with much of whats been posted previously. BRB is a more affordable resort. It is also much smaller than the RIU's. That actually appealed to me as I wanted to be sure that I bumped into my guests in the days leading up to the ceremony. There are 3 pools, a lovely beach, 4 restaurants - Reggae Cafe for lunch, Main Terrace for B, L & D, Pastafari (Italian) for D and a Japanese hibatchi restaurant also for D.


Breezes is also fairly simple by way of room accomodations unless you upgrade to one of the higher room categories. That really didn't influence my decision because we don't spend much time in the room anyways! The reason I decided on Breezes was because it was by far the best value for my guests and I wanted to be sure money and expenses weren't an issue for them.


Keisha is the wedding coordinator and she is fantastic. She was out on maternity leave for several months and I had a rather tough time trying to work with their office when she was gone. She knows everything there is to know about planning a wedding. Because I'm expecting more than 100 guests, I'm hosting a private reception. Keisha helped to find vendors, prices, etc.


I went down to JA a few weeks back to iron out all the details. I took the pictures below while I was there. Hopefully this will help you visualize the property a little more.


Good luck!



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