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List of Restaurants in Mexico

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Hi all....I recently found this list of restaurants in Mexico that are "Distinctive H".


What is the " Distinctive H"?</SPAN>


With the fundamental purpose of reducing the incidence of foodborne disease in domestic and foreign tourists and improve the image of Mexico with regard to global food security since 1990, was implemented in our country, a National Hygienic Handling FoodDistinctive "H"for all the fixed food and drink


Thesymbol "H"is a recognition given by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, to those establishments fixed food and drink (restaurants in general, hotel restaurants, cafes, restaurants etc.), To meet the standards of hygiene to mark the Mexican Standard NMX-F605 Normex 2004.</SPAN>


The "H" is 100% Preventive, ensuring a warning that pollution could cause some foodborne illness, this program provides a training program to 80% of operational staff and 100% of the middle and high, this training is directed by aregistered consultantwith chemical profile in the area? medical-biological knowledge and are structured to be taught under guidelines issued by a group of experts.</SPAN>





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