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Lorac makeup & some sephora reviews

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I just got back from a trip to sephora. I'm taking boudoir pics in the next 1-3 months so I wanted to get some nice makeup.


A year & 1/2 ago I bought bare minerals. I like it, but I don't love it so I wanted something new. I don't like how the powder spills into the lid when I travel. Also, sometimes it gets a little cakey & makes my skin look older than it normally looks. My favorite part of bare minerals was using the warmth like blush, so I'll keep using that part of the set.


I was hoping to find something that went on like a lotion so it would be really simple and also cover nicely when my skin is a little dry.


First I tried the sephora brand tinted moisturizer. It was really easy to put on & had a nice feel and natural look. The coverage wasn't awesome, but might work nice for a daily makeup. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, but I'm trying to find the right stuff that would make me want to wear it everyday.


I also tried a sephora liquid foundation. The coverage was better, it looked natural and felt good.


Next was the Lorac brand set. The first step is to exfoliate. I didn't do this step in the store. Then you put on a primer that smooths out your skin. It made my face feel so soft. After that you put on foundation. It covered so good I only needed a tiny amount. I loved the look & it felt great. I'm really picky about how makeup feels.


They gave me samples to test all three out this week. i'll update my review after more time with the products. But, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the Lorac line. I was very impressed by it. I also really liked that the makeup is in a sealed pump that would keep it fresh longer & not spill when I travel.


Has anyone used Lorac? Did you like it?

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