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Ana y Jose Tulum Brides Post Here

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#141 kate0614

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    Posted 14 March 2012 - 11:51 AM

    Strange, I just tried emailing that address and my email got returned as undeliverable.  Not sure what is going on...

    #142 jello

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      Posted 14 March 2012 - 04:00 PM

      Weird.  I just got an email from her yesterday at that address.  Maybe your emails are being filtered as spam for some reason? 

      #143 kate0614

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        Posted 15 March 2012 - 09:40 AM

        I just tried it again and I didn't get a bounce-back this time, so hopefully it went through.  Thanks so much for your help!



        #144 Siberyachka

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          Posted 03 April 2012 - 04:20 AM

          My wedding is in April of 2013 and I am going to Tulum for a side vizit this April. Ana y Jose is on my list. My main two priority for the wedding is food and music. Would anyone recommended what's should I try from their menu. Did anyone hire a band? If so which one? Since some of my guests are coming with little kids I need a suggestion for all-inclusive resorts within 30-45 minutes ride maximum. I also looking for transportation info. If anyone hire limo? Any suggestions would be very helpful. If anyone can recommended another wedding location as alternative, that would be nice as well

          #145 kate0614

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            Posted 15 April 2012 - 10:51 AM

            So, we were in Tulum at the end of March for our site visits, and we are really glad we did them because we basically did a complete 180 from where we were prior to visiting.  Prior to visiting, Ana y Jose Beach Club and Akiin Beach Club were at the top of my list, because I liked the idea of hosting the wedding somewhere that did not require booking out a hotel.  I thought it would be better just to let everyone stay where they want and not have to stress about filling rooms.  After visiting Tulum, I completely changed my mind about that.  Even though I had been there a couple times before, I forgot how DARK it is at night.  You can't see two feet in front of you.  Plus everyone will be drunk and want to just flop into their beds.  So I realized that actually, a hotel would be better (in my mind), because then at least a large chunk of guests will not have to do anything but wander back to their rooms after the party.  For those who can't stay in the hotel we are hiring a shuttle and of course there are cabs, but we think those options sub-optimal.  If you have already booked at Ana y Jose Beach Club, I wouldn't worry about it at all -- there are tons of hotel rooms nearby and getting around is not a big deal.  We just realized that for us, the ideal would be to have the party on the hotel property.


            Thus, Cabanas Tulum, Las Ranitas, and Any y Jose Hotel became our top contenders.  They all had a lot of pros.  We thought the room options were better at Cabanas Tulum and Ana y Jose, but we liked the reception setting better at Las Ranitas.  I thought the food was the best at Las Ranitas, although my fiance thought the food at El Bistro (Cabanas Tulum) was better. We cancelled our tasting at Ana y Jose because we had already seen the properties (both the beach club and hotel) and we didn't think the decision was going to come down to food, so I can't speak to the food there.  A friend who ate at the hotel in January said the western-style food was bad, though, so I would stick to a Mexican menu.  (We wouldn't want anything but Mexican at our wedding, anyway.)


            One thing we preferred about Las Ranitas over the other properties was their terraced restaurant, which we think is really beautiful.  The biggest thing that sold it for us, though, was the connection we felt with the wedding coordinator at Las Ranitas, Angelina.  I just felt that she really understood us, she was easygoing, friendly, and a good listener.  She clearly was all about making our vision a reality, rather than imposing her preferences on us.  I connected with her so much that I felt that even if we did not hold the wedding at Las Ranitas, she would be the one I would want for my wedding coordinator.  It was really important to me that the person I would be working with for almost a year be someone I really liked and trusted, and I felt that Angelina could not be a better fit.  After that it was just a matter of getting to a budget we could afford.  At first Las Ranitas seemed a little overpriced to us, based on the other proposals we got, but they were very willing to negotiate, so eventually we got everything within our budget.  They were also willing to accommodate all our special requests and details that are important to us.  At this point I am so happy with our choice that I can't really imagine doing it anywhere else.  Now we just have to wait until February!

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              Posted 11 June 2013 - 05:12 PM

              We just got back from our wedding at Ana y Jos© Hotel on Saturday.  Wow, wow, wow!  Our wedding on Saturday was unbelievable.  Everything went perfectly, and we didn't have to worry about a thing the entire day.  They did an amazing job setting up the beach ceremony, the palapa, the tables, and the patio.  The setup looked a million times better than I had hoped for; I literally gasped when I saw how beautiful everything was.

              And everything ran so smoothly.  Jackie, Claudia, Ignacio, Sandy — all of them are incredible professionals.  I was a little worried the day before the wedding when they told me that there was another wedding happening on the same day as ours at Ana y Jos© beach club (our was at the hotel), because I thought that meant our event wouldn't get enough attention.  
              But I shouldn't have worried at all.  Every single little thing was perfect.  Drinks and food just appeared after the ceremony, music during dinner was great, everyone found their seats easily, the band knew exactly when to start playing.  The Ana y Jos© staff even found us a pi±ata at the last minute.  That was an incredible memory that would not have happened without their help.  
              All of our guests were raving about what a wonderful wedding we had, and the amazing venue.  Several of them told me that it was the most beautiful place they'd ever been to.  If you're thinking about holding your wedding at Ana y Jos©, definitely go for it!!

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                Posted 10 July 2013 - 05:55 PM

                Hello fellow Tulum Brides! I'm finally settling in after returning from my dream wedding at Ana y Jose Hotel. I'll try to be as inclusive as possible for all future Tulum brides. 


                Ana y Jose Hotel vs Beach Club

                My fiance and I have been visiting Tulum for years so getting married here was a no brainer. We usually stay at La Zebra and just assumed this would be our wedding site. However, after visiting and finding out more about their wedding policy, (must rent out the entire hotel for three nights) we crossed it off the list. As we soon found, not wanting to rent out the entire hotels left us with only a few options. We went to check out Ana y Jose Beach Club after seeing great pictures and reading reviews. As we approached the property my fiance and I were turned off, it felt like a catering hall or wedding factory and we knew that wasn't for us. (Please don't misunderstand me, I have seen beautiful weddings here it just wasn't for us.) But we headed to the hotel where we were meeting the planner for our tasting. The hotel was BEAUTIFUL! We loved the grounds and the view from the deck area as well as the open air restaurant. We asked to have the wedding there and while it was an unusual request they were happy to accommodate us. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THE HOTEL ENOUGH!!! It was truly the perfect wedding location. The staff was beyond excellent, always helpful and thinking one step ahead. When the party moved to the beach they brought drink trays with beer and water and another tray with tequila! True perfection. Our guests raved about the food, my Uncle even said it was the best wedding food he had ever eaten. The hotel's planning service Tulum Weddings was incredibly helpful. Jackie was the point person for planning and Claudia was on site during the wedding. They were both wonderful. Jackie was quick to respond and helped line up all the details from afar while Claudia was able to keep the night running smoothly even during a short 15 minute rain storm! If you are looking for a wedding location and planner I cannot rave enough about AYJ.


                FineArts Studio Photography 

                My fiance and I thought a lot about the style of photography we wanted for our wedding. It was important to us to have mostly non-posed, candid shots and we went with FAS. We could not be happier with the photographs we got. Fabrizio and Hernan were wonderful and managed to capture both the emotions of the ceremony and the joy of the evening all at the same time. I will say that while they focused on candid shots there was a good deal of posed pictures. I am very grateful for them now (as they turned out BEYOND amazing) but it does take time. They are passionate about their craft and will take 3-5 minutes for the perfect shot. Just something to be prepared for. 


                Nora Grey: Hair and Makeup

                This was the only part of the day I was a little nervous about. Not getting to have a hair and makeup trial, or even meeting the team till the day of was a little tense for me. I could not have been happier with the team, the process and the end result from Nora and her girls. The team of four came to primp myself, mother, sister and girlfriend. (Nora even came early to cut a guests hair!) I brought photographs of what I wanted for both my hair and makeup and they were able to bring my vision to life. I was a little picky and they would stop throughout the process to confirm we were on the same page. In the end what they created for everyone was flawless. 


                Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design

                With Tulum's natural beauty and the pristine grounds of Ana y Jose, we knew we wanted little flowers or decorations. We ordered a bouquet for myself, a medium one for my sister and maid of honor and a small bouquet for my mother. At the last minute we added a few boutonnieres for the boys and I was so glad we did. The single orchid boutonnieres were beautiful. For our centerpieces we ordered round mirrors with candles on top and added Patron bottles to each table. They were understated and just the right touch. The one decoration I was set on and had a vision for was our wedding chuppah (arch), I knew I wanted four post bamboo arch with white fabric and flowers. After countless emails and pictures I was overwhelmed with what VJ team created. And impressed as they had to assemble and move it three times due to changes in dance floor plans! When I saw it in person an saw the amount of beautiful flowers on it I understood the cost. It was a perfect frame to our "I do". 


                OM Tulum: Welcome Dinner

                We decided to have all our guests come to a dinner the night before the wedding at our expense to thank everyone for coming and welcome them to town. We chose OM for a casual dinner with great guacamole and cold beer. This was the perfect location! We considered a few places in town but along with our guests we did not want to leave the beach. Lissette and her team at OM closed down the beachfront area for us and brought extra tables down. We chose a few selections from the menu, guacamole and pico along with four types of pizza and nutella pizza for dessert to serve to our guests. It was great! Guests raved about the food and it was a constant stream as all the food was made fresh and brought to us on the beach. For drinks we wanted to pay for our guests without having two nights of open bar, we provided beer, soda and smoothies at our costs up to a limit at the bar. The bar tenders kept the tab and Lissette updates us on where the tab was as the night progressed. We ended the night below our limit and even took some beers for the walk back! While we were at OM a few turtles came ashore to lay eggs, it was the perfect start to wedding weekend. 


                Welcome Bags

                We wanted to provide a welcome bag to each guest. We selected totes from weddingchicks.com that stated "Hola Amigo" and encouraged guests to use as beach bags to identify other guests when they were on the beach. Inside we put one sunscreen, one aloe bottle, a few bug wipes, ibuprofen and antacids, a map of Tulum, a schedule of events and meet ups for the weekend, wedding koozies and snacks from local grocery store. We did not provide drinks since each hotel provided complimentary water bottles. We encourages guests to pick up liquor at duty free for their rooms. 


                One other suggestion I have for EVERY destination wedding is to stock up on post cards! We purchased them for our guests to write to us in place of a guest book and mailed them home. We then got extras and used them as thank you notes, a great memory for guests to have. Also, if you plan on having your reception on the beach I would recommend a light up dance floor! I know you may be thinking no this is not a music video, I know that's what my husband said when I suggested it, but seriously it was fantastic! 


                Please message me if there is anything I can do to help any new brides!
















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                Matt Adcock
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                  Posted 17 July 2013 - 12:05 PM

                  Hello lovely wedding planners! We've just recently shot a very pretty CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90


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                  Happy planning my friends!

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