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  1. Sarah ~ Thanks for taking the time to write the review and to share your pics. You did an awesome job with EVERY little detail of your wedding! You suggested some great tips regarding the wedding coordinator and I can only hope that my wedding turns out half as nice as yours.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by stephdel hi i was wondering if any of you is using white/sheer fabric for decoration? If you are i wanted to know if we could share the cost of it. i wanted to use it under the palapa, all around and falling from the roof, and also on the huppa. Anyone interested? Sara, i would love to see some of your pictures! thanks When are you getting married?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by San Fran Sarah Hey Amber, It never really occurred to me to have the ceremony anywhere else so I just still had it by the bent palm (in between the bent palm and the beach club). In the pics you can see the beach club and the cocktail area as we are walking down the aisle. I will post my review and pro pics soon but here is a non-pro pic of the ceremony Sarah Sarah, Thanks for posting the pic. It gives me a better idea of what to expect since I know there has been so much beach erosion at AyJ. I think we'll just keep it under the bent palm tree as planned. How many guests did you have? We're really looking forward to seeing your photos Everything looks so pretty from just the little bit I can see in your pic.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm so glad that somebody will use bits and pieces of this information. I'm not the creative type and it took me a lot of time to compose and compile this information. I'm sure it will save some time.
  5. Hi Everyone ~ I wanted to share my Pre-Mexico Welcome Booklet with everyone in hopes of saving another bride some time. I gathered my information from other posts on this site (of course!) and from various websites. I hope somebody finds it beneficial--I know that my guests did! Happy reading! Pre-Mexico Welcome Letter for BDW.doc
  6. Gr8ful ~ Looks like you really accomplished a lot on your trip. I think you're going to be extremely happy with your choices. I have never ate at Hechizo, but plan to on our honeymoon in a few weeks. We've only heard great comments about the place. Also, I wanted to suggest that you check out the tulum (dot) info. website. You'll finds tons of information from locals and people who have visited Tulum. Happy planning!
  7. WOW! This is THE most complete list I've seen. I not only plan on using it for my wedding, but also when I travel for business too. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I did a little bit of research on travel insurance using the Consumer Reports website. I read the article and visited the website they recommended called Travel Insurance - InsureMyTrip.com. As you know, travel insurance is available at various prices and may cover cancellation, lost baggage, medical and legal expenses etc. After you decide what options you want insurance for, it can be purchased directly on the website. I included a link to this website in my Pre-Mexico welcome letter.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lisa_k Hi All, I am new to the forum...mrsscottyb actually referred me to it when I ran into her in Tulum. (Thank you!) My fiance and I were in Tulum on vacation and checked out Ana y Jose and loved it, so we booked it for our wedding next year. I'm very excited and am glad I found the forum. I'm sure this will be a great source of information! WELCOME TO THE FORUM LISA!!! Congrats on booking your wedding at AyJ. I'm sure you're going to find this website very resourceful. I use it almost everyday and have found so many great ideas, websites and vendors. Best of luck to you in your planning.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by San Fran Sarah Hi All, Our wedding was fantastic--even more amazing that I could have hoped! I am sooooo glad that we chose Ana y Jose. Jackie, Claudia and Franklin exceeded our expectations. They took care of everything from the food to the decor. I will post a review and pics when I have them. If I had to do anything differently it would actually be to not hire outside vendors. I used Ajua music because they were so much cheaper but the guitarist arrived late and played the wrong songs and the mariachi was great but arrived only seconds before they were supposed to play. In retrospect, I think it would be worth the extra money to use the company that works with the beach club so that Jackie would arrange and take care of everything. Also I would have asked someone (the Bestman or the DJ) to keep the group on schedule. While we were taking pictures everyone was just watching us on the beach and no one told them to move to the cocktail area and then to sit for dinner. It would be best, in retrospect, to have someone else in charge of that. All in all everything was pretty much perfect and all our guests had an amazing time. The lobster was AMAZING. We did the dinner and dancing under the palaypa. They haven't opened for dinner yet so it was private after all without paying the extra fee. It was too windy to eat under the grape trees as well so I am glad that worked out so well. We did the open tab instead of open bar. I think we spent a few hundred more because we were doing shots so the open bar is a good deal if your group drinks as much as ours but it will probably be similar either way. The cake was really tasty and pretty from Turtle Bay. Let me know if you have any more questions and I will post pics soon. CONGRATS SARAH!!! I hope your enjoying married life so far. I was so glad to hear that everything went so well. I am getting married in a few weeks and am wondering where you had the ceremony since there has been so much beach erosion at AyJ. We are thinking of getting married under the "crooked" palm tree up 60 yards up the beach from the "bent" palm tree. Thanks for the suggestion of having the DJ keep everything on schedule. I thought that's what the wedding coordinator was supposed to do! Looking forward to seeing your photos.
  11. I'm sure your guests will appreciate all of the time and useful information that you put into these booklets. GREAT JOB!
  12. Thanks so much for sharing. This template is a life saver! With only 28 days to go, I'm starting to go into "bridezilla" mode as the Meet the Guest Book is one of the projects I still need to complete. The only problem is we have 70 guests coming, so I have lots of work to do!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by HotTamale I had a blast at the Blue Parrot, it was great to dance on the dance floor that sits next to the ocean. I'm also an avid TripAdvisor reader, but don't agree with half of the reviews. Another great night club is Santanera - that place rocks! www.santanera.com We are getting married in Tulum and then going to Retro after the reception. Retro plays songs from the 70's, 80's & 90's if that's what you're looking for. It's located on 4th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach. If you are walking down 5th Avenue heading south, you will turn left on 4th toward the beach. You'll see Retro on the right.
  14. I had the same thing happen to me and my FI last year in Cancun when we went to meet our wedding coordinator for the first time. Luckily we knew what to do and had a small amount of money in our pocket. It still was very scary getting pulled over by the Federales! The next time we rented a car, the rental agency gave us a laminated sheet to show the cops and also told us to tell the cop you want to speak to his supervisor. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing either! I'd rather just part with my $20 bucks and leave it at that. The last place I would want to end up is in a Mexican jail cell!
  15. Thanks too Carly. I couldn't find out who the "Mods" were so I just started the thread. Also, I'm glad I know that the profile function was disabled. I thought it was me being stupid again!
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