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Nordstorms Wedding Shop

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All this talk about Nordstrom.com brings back a flood of memories for me. I worked for Nordstrom.com for 10 years and worked on that website from the very beginging. I still have a t-shirt and plaque we got the day the website launched.


To answer some of your questions about if the dresses are online and in-store...FYI - when Nordstrom.com first started it was not owned by the Nordstrom corporation, it was seperate. Only a few years ago did the Nordtrom Corp purchase the website and start to intergrate the business together. They are working VERY hard to get the 'behind the scences' computer systems lined up so the website will show the store inventory, etc. It just takes time.


Unless you live near one of the larger Nordstrom stores, you will not likely have the Bridal dresses in your store. But! many of the sales associates in store can get those dresses sent to the store near you. All the cash registers have access to the website and they can help you get the dresses. Also, you can return online purchases to the store and have alterations done instore as well.


If you guys have questions about Nordstrom policies (returns, orders, etc) just let me know. If I hadn't left to start my own business...I'd still be working therecheesy.gif

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Thanks for the info Lilpaisley!


I actually went to brunch and shopping with some girlfriends today and we checked Nordstroms out, and they didnt have the dresses in the store. I did noticed that on the website the styles go out pretty fast, so think Ill snag that one while its still available :)

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