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A picture project for my mom's Christmas gift

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Originally Posted by kate.com View Post
Awesome job Morgan! I wanted to scan some pictures too... what kind of scanner did you use? I think I need to buy one!
my scanner is not fancy. its a printer scanner combo we bought 4 years ago. hp1315xi

the quality isn't awesome. I should have tried to change settings to get a better resolution. i didn't plan on doing this & I had such a short amount of time so I just go started. The plan was to mail them off to a company to have them scanned. Then I found out the company outsources to india & it would take to long to get them back by christmas. I also got worried about sending these priceless pictures so far.

so instead i sent less priceless pictures- my snapshots from college. if they quality is good, i might have these rescanned professionally. I won't be so worried now because they are backed up.

I copied a cd of these images for me, my brother & my mom. They are also uploaded to snapfish. that way they will not be lost or destoyed. I always think it's so sad when people lose all their pictures in a fire so I try to keep my favorite pictures backed up in several ways. you can't just have one copy of them in the same location as the computer. and definitly never just leave them on your harddrive. harddrives fail.

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Morgan, your mom will just love this! The pics of you & your brother are sooo cute!!! You did a great job and it's really nice to reminisce & have a lifetime of memories.

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