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I had a deal cuz I knew a girl that used to work there, but I have used them for other things and they are usually pretty good prices. Here is the website - Minuteman Press of Doylestown, PA. You can tell them that I recommended them to you, and mention that it's for boarding passes if they don't remember my name.

I just realized that I never even thought to ask if they could perform the additional corner cutting, so that's something to ask also. If you have a HUGE pile like I did, it would be worth it to pay extra.
Thanks Carly! I have a Minuteman Press down the street from my house. I will try them first, if not looks like I am putting in a call to PA.

Thanks again - you are a lifesaver smile123.gif

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I did over 300 invites, with 3 cards per invite. We bought some scissors from a scrapbooking store that were nice and sharp, and then had a party to cut the cards out. I could not find a decent price on cutting them out, other than the straight cuts to separate the cards. That was the quick and easy part, so we just decided to do it all on our own. The corner cutters weren't making nice crisp cuts, so we did it all by hand... but with lots of people working on it, it didn't take too long. It does make your hands sore though. Good luck! I hope you can find a great price to save yourself the trouble!

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