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Photography and Videography at Riu Palace


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Hey Ladies,


Thought I would quickly comment on the fabulous service I received from both Bradley Fraser, our photographer, and Mango Productions, as our videographer/photographer.


Bradley Fraser is an extremely laid back, yet very attentive man. He made sure to contact me several times prior to the wedding date, and also showed up two hours before the ceremony to check out the resort and determine the best spots for photos. He caters to what YOU want from your special day. We were extremely happy with his photos and professionalism!


Mango Productions - we hadn't planned on getting a videographer for our wedding but this last minute decision really paid off! It isn't your typical long winded wedding video that you sit and watch for hours. There are two versions, one is 24 minutes long, and the other is a recap of the day all in 3 minutes! The song selection is fantastic, and the video looks awesome. Mango also took pictures of our wedding ceremony as part of the Riu package and those were also stunning.


Something to consider for upcoming Cabo brides!!!



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That is great to hear Nadia! I have been in contact with both Bradley Fraser and Mango Photography...


Wondering did you talk to Mango Photography prior to speaking with the Riu wedding planner? I am getting married in October of next year at the Riu, pictures are very important to my fiance and I and I have heard about people not being able to get the photographer they want because of dates not being available. After a couple e-mails I asked the Mango people if my date was available and what the deposit would be, also that we would be interested in booking. This was 2 weeks ago and I have not heard back... I am not sure if this is because we are getting married at the Riu and they have a standby photgrapher so to speak seeing as they are the photographers the hotel uses as part of their packages?


Can anyone help with any information regarding this? Who has gotten married at the Riu and used Mango - did you book prior to speaking with the wedding consultant at the Riu?




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