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Hello from Amsterdam

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Thnx Reg!!

I will try update as much as I can.

So far our wedding Planner is really helpfull and trying to think with us, about our wishes!

We will leave on december 12, for NYC and stay there for 4 nights.

On 16/12 we'll arrive at Vegas and I will know more. Right now, I only know that we'll get married at the Lilac Saloon. (looks very nice on pics)

We got the just the basics package. And you can upgrade and change as much as you would like.

We want a simple, elegant ceremony so we don't have any upgrades.

We wanted the photo upgrade, but that was so expensive. Now were looking for photographer for 2/3 hours in Vegas .

( See the vegas forum)

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Originally Posted by samanthag View Post
WoW! That would be great!!!!!
I've pretty much made ALL the wedding decisions so I think that the least I can do is surprise him with Amsterdam/Europe trip!!
OMG he would totally flip!!!! smile43.gif
I think that's exactly what I'm going to do!!!!!!!!!!!!
That would be very nice!! Click the image to open in full size.
I have veto over here also, so I try to honor his choices/decisionshug2.gif
I'm no bridezilla, he just leaves it all up to me wink.gif

So where else would you like to go beside Amsterdam??

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Honestly, I have no clue!

We went to Paris 2 years ago I had such a wonderful time.

I've always wanted to go to Rome!!!

So you see, we can do what he wants (Amsterdam) & still make room for something I want to do too!

How long do you think we would need out there?

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If only amsterdam & rome I'd say 10 days.

If you would choose 15 days

I'd say Amsterdam (4-5 days)

Rome (5 days)

And Barcelona (5 days) or Paris

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