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  1. I have a white with purple dress
  2. My favorite color is purple....so that is our weddingcolor oh yeah and silver/grey
  3. And?? How do you feel about the dress now... Sorry to hear it's the wrong color, but I really hope it works out for you in the white dress!! Goodluck and post some pics if you have them.
  4. Chanella

    "amazing Earings"

    Would love to see in on you. I will try to get my hands on them as well:)
  5. Chanella

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Thnx Dinogomez!
  6. Chanella

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Hi Jess. How cool to meet a fellow dutch member here! Wauw Jamaica huh?? sounds good to me. I'm already hooked on this forum, and I have to say I like this more than the typical wedding forum. Goodluck planning your wedding, I see that you still have some time sorting everything out! Groetjes, that's how we say Greets
  7. Wow!! Verry nice photo's. Congratulations!
  8. Our cake will look like this But we will only use the large tier, because we're having cupcakes. The roses will be dark and light purple, and the wavy lines will be purple to. This is when we have our reception when we get back from our honeymoon. For the actual day we'll have cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory. (We love cheesecake)
  9. We're getting married in Vegas, and we are still looking for a photographer who will take our pics. We were thinking about: 30 min: us getting ready in the hotel 30 min : after the ceremony with family(we got a package, so the ceremnony is covered) 1 hour: The strip ( NYNY, Bellagio, The Wynn, Paris & The vegas sign) If you have any recommendations please, contact me. My wedding is in 9 weeks!!! I need to find my photographer quick.......
  10. Chanella

    "amazing Earings"

    These are just tooooooo cute!!! I want them !!!
  11. Chanella

    My E story

    Thnx cja1976.
  12. Chanella

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Thnx Jenn
  13. Chanella

    How many countries have you been to?

    hmmm South America: Surinam Carribean: Trinidad & tobago (i was like 2, that doesn't count) Europe: Italy: Rome Spain: Madrid & Barcelona Germany: Oberhausen, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf Belgium: Antwerp , Brussel France: Paris, and another region which I don't know the name of... Uk: LOndon USA: Las Vegas, Los Angeles